Metin Aziz Goleş, a.k.a “Shione”, is a Graffiti Artist and Graphic Designer, as well as a professional Sworn Translator/Interpreter in Bulgarian and Turkish languages.  Goleş was born in the city of Dulovo in Bulgaria and currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey. The artist started drawing graffiti sketches in the early 2000s and carried his artistic creativity to urban walls after a few years of sketching. Goleş is a member of the S2K (Shot 2 Kill), which is the oldest and most well-known graffiti crew in Turkey.

Metin Aziz Goleş is also the publisher of “Balcans Urban Arts and Culture” magazine which has been addressing a growing number of readers since 2012. Goleş is a creative artist with an extensive portfolio. His first solo exhibition was in 2010 in Varna, Bulgaria. Since then, the artist has attended many festivals and exhibitions in Europe and abroad. Today, he continues his professional life in Istanbul, Turkey.

This website was created to display the urban artwork and art portfolio of Goleş. You can contact the artist via this link.


Exhibitions, Workshops and Festivals


Grafflife of Oshne first solo exhibiton ( Varna,Bulgaria)
Amorpha `Day Of Europe` Street Festival (Varna,Bulgaria)
International Youth Day,Body art painting (Varna,Bulgaria)
Street Art Istanbul Exhibiton (Istanbul,Turkey)
Graffiti Exhibiton at Nights Of Museums(Plovdiv,Bulgaria)
National MTN Graffiti Festival (Sofia,Bulgaria)
Graffiti Workshop at Gallery 10 (Varna,Bulgaria)
Body Art Workshop at Gallery 10 (Varna,Bulgaria)
Underart Group Exhibiton at Gallery Arhis (Varna,Bulgaria)
StreetArt Festival Istanbul (Istanbul,Turkey)
Expo for Mattia group exhibiton (Italy)

Amorpha `Day Of Europe` Street Festival (Varna,Bulgaria)
National MTN Graffiti Festival (Sofia,Bulgaria)
Underart 2 Group Exhibiton at Gallery Arhis (Varna,Bulgaria)
Sprite Graffiti Jam (Varna,Bulgaria)
Shabla Lighthouse Graffiti (Shabla,Bulgaria)
Meeting of Styles (Beograd,Serbia)
Meeting of All Stars Graffiti Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)

The Source group exhibiton (Sofia,Bulgaria)
Sokagin Ruhu Graffiti Festival (Izmir,Turkey)
Urban Creatures Graffiti Festival (Sofia,Bulgaria)
“You are living all over me” group exhibiton with Nadinazz (Varna, Bulgaria)
Graffit gallery group exhibiton (Varna, Bulgaria)
Balcans Graffiti Jam (Varna,Bulgaria)
Teen Fest graffiti painting (Rousse, Bulgaria)
EasyArt Festival (Sofia,Bulgaria)

“MIXED UP” Group exhibiton (Bourgas, Bulgaria)
Stip Street Fest (Stip, Macedonia)
Days of Europe Festival vol.6 (Varna, Bulgaria)
Ozgurluk exhibiton by Aysen Arin (Istanbul, Turkey)
Meeting of Allstars Graffiti Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
Shabla Lighthouse Graffiti Festival (Shabla, Bulgaria)
ARCHIGRAFF Bulgarian Murals Exhibition(Varna, Bulgaria)
Благотворителна изложба за Помощно училище БМ (Varna, Bulgaria)

Благотворителна изложба и парти за Помощно училище БМ (Varna, Bulgaria)
Stick Around – International street art expo (Bucuresti, Romania)
Tavşanlı Graffiti Festivali (Kutahya, Turkey)
Street Smart Blegrade – Sticker exhibiton (Belgrade, Serbia)
International street art expo by Hikaos (Cambara, Brasil)
80х80 Graffiti Charity Exhibition at Dada Cultural Bar (Sofia, Bulgaria)
IN WALL WE TRUST – International Street Art Exhibiton (Airola, Italy)
Painting at Project ARCHIGRAFF in FUNCITY Festival (Varna, Bulgaria)
Vinlyz Store Canvas train exhibition (Zurih, Switzerland )
Meeting of All Stars Graffiti Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
55.555 Street Gallery exhibition (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Most Wanted Graffiti Festival (Kocaeli, Turkey)
FunCity+ Festival (Varna, Bulgaria)

Meeting of Styles (Pristina, Kosovo)


Tunç (Turbo) Dindaş 
OKS Crew